America's Best Days

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Those of us who are old enough to remember the 1980s and 1990s and were paying attention to politics back then remember many politicians would include the phrase, "America's best days are still ahead."It seemed inspiring at the time and was not overused to the point where it became ineffective and cliché. They meant it in the American people could honestly believe it.

Nowadays, few politicians repeat this refrain. It no longer inspires us like it used to because it is no longer true. America's best days may now be behind her. President Barack Obama recently said that he wants to change the way Americans life is going to be in the 21st century. Liberals will be hopping on board for this new mantra chanting that no greed will be conquered. They will have secularly done God's work by stopping out one of the seven deadly sins. But is the liberal agenda going to bring us to the utopia of the future?

Life in the 21st century is supposed to include not living beyond our means, being responsible to ourselves, being responsible for planet, and everyone being accepted for what they are and who they are. Surely, no one can disagree with this. If it were only that simple.

Stomping out greed and replacing it with larger government will soon prove even to the Liberals but this is the wrong track. Tripling the federal deficit will soon demonstrate its detriment for the future of America. All the new spending which is supposed to stimulate the economy has strings attached to it that are going to increase the costs of sustaining many of the projects far beyond the foreseeable future. Most Americans seem unaware of this thinking that the stimulus package will be like pennies from heaven or an inheritance from that long-lost uncle that we forgot that we knew. Many of the costs in a few short years will force local governments to raise taxes everywhere and anywhere they can. It will be like Jim Doyle on steroids. Local governments will have no choice but to increase the property taxes because state and county governments have continued to overspend. The state government increases spending while failing to recognize until it's too late that the revenue has fallen by 20%. And liberals all join hands and say well gosh, let's raise taxes. It's what we have to do because it's the right thing. Apparently this will responsibility is not the right thing.

Brock Obama also said he does not want to be in the automobile industry. But yet, he's loving every minute of it. Forcing Chrysler to sell itself to an Italian automaker and ending half the models of General Motors line is his vision for the future. Making smaller, unsafe cars is also his vision for the future. How can someone in a Honda Civic or the new Smart car feel safe on the highway next to a huge semi trailer? For some eyes are not being downsized. Apparently no one in the administration has noticed this. The laws of physics will determine who will be safe in a large car or a Smart car. The Smart car may not be so smart after all.

The federal government through the TARP program also has some many strings attached to it but many banks are now finding ways to pay back the money. But yet the administration wants them to keep the money because it has strings attached to it. If the bank is taking money from the government, then the Obama administration will be able to determine what interest rates can be charged, what fees may be charged, and how much people can be compensated. Yet Americans are supposed to be under the illusion that this is not socialism.

The tax-and-spend liberals believe themselves to be better than anybody else even if it means higher taxes, more government waste, more government intervention, and a worsening recession. If the economy ever recovers, it will be in spite of what has been done, not because of it. Liberals think they're better than anybody because they are against torture. Well, taking away safe cars which will result in more highway deaths is not torture? What about the poor saps that are in these little unsafe cars? It won't be the greedy Republicans, they will be clinging to their SUVs.

Do we torture terrorists? Of course not. The Obama administration itself has changed the language in this. Instead of torturing terrorists, we use enhanced interrogation techniques on enemy combatants. That doesn't sound bad at all. The war on terror is over. We are just left with this overseas contingency effort. And the bad people atGuantonimo Bay? Why not refer to them as being invited to an extended stay at Guantonimo Bay extended stay Bible and Koran study and Resort.  It won't seem evil at all .

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