SHOREWOOD CONNECTS is a special interest group. Its special interest is the ELDER CITIZENS OF SHORWOOD.

Older citizens and community.



Shorewood Connects, at the present time is made up of a number of loosely coordinated committees that are aimed at improving the lives of the elderly people living in Shorewood.


In time, Shorewood Connects will probably establish itself as a group that concerns itself with establishing its position as it  responds to various elderly citizens' needs.  Then we'll be on our own, especially after our very able consultants and leaders leave us.  We must build on their work.  


Shorewood Connects is then likely to function as a political group as well as a social group, publishing its own journal or local newspaper and establishing its own policies.


The elders are seeking to attain the same kind of attention as to their needs as are the children of Shorewood.


I'm convinced that the Senior Resource Center would not function without the able administration and attention that Elizabeth Price gives to the programs that are initiated and sponsored by the Resource Center.


I'm just as certain that the elderly of Shorewood are as greatly appreciative of her devotion and dedicated work.   Elizabeth Price, Director of the Resource Center is irreplaceable and must continue to lead and advise the elders in their present and future public activities.


The seniors of Shorewood actually form the basis of this community as their roots are here and their futures are dependent on the welfare and success of Shorewood as a community.


It now becomes significantly essential then that the older citizens become involved in everything that effects Shorewood both in the present and in the future. Therefore, the need for active organization.


Shorewood Connects can become the basis of that organization, if not the required organization itself.


Several committees seem to show promise that in combination that they can become this basic older adult organization.  Thanks to Sue Kelly, our consultant and others.


Shorewood's Neighborhood Watch group is showing great potential as it presents a strong basic organizing structure.

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