From time to time something about faith or religion hits the news with such an explosiveness that people drop their theological guard for a moment and are forced to deal with the reality of their man-made religious "beliefs."   It has happened over and over and over through the years, but we seem to have a need to go back to our old witchcraft or hocus-pocus.

The rapes of young boys by Catholic priests are but one current example.  The death of a youngster whose parents refuse medical help and pray their way to the child's demise would be another.  But there are many.  When a disaster like a hurricane or war carnage or plane crashes happen, "people of God" tell us that it is part of God's plan that is unknown to us at this time...but they are exactly certain about God's plans when something good happens.  We should have grown out of these irrational pretensions when we left the caves.  They are silly because they are man-made myths about something we call "spiritual."  What we know is so little, and these "certain" declarations from Rome or Mecca or Lhasa or Jerusalem are but shallow pretenses contrived out of a need to try and explain the unknown.  And we have done a terrible job with these myths through the ages.

As the Hubble telescope reaches out to the edges of the universe we think we know, we feel small.  As we delve into the microscopic world, we feel big.  As we contrive all the man-made religious mumbo jumbo, we look stupid.  Our philosphical projections are elementary levels of a Biblical Dr. Seuss.

We are held back by religious restrictions.  If they did us any good, we might tolerate them better.  But they have been the cause of most wars, past and present.  They have burned people at the stake.  They have slaughtered millions upon millions.  In our religious blinders we do not deal with reality or move ahead to a world of better informed and enlightened people.  In many ways we are stuck in a religious time-warp backwards.  If today's religious zealots supported tax increases to take care of all the unwanted children, then I might listen to their anti-abortion shouts.  But they want to make religious pronouncements without accepting any of the attendant responsibilities.  Religious people almost thrive on irresponsibility.

I accept and support freedom of religion.  I also accept your right to vote, your right to choose whatever toothpaste you wish.  But if you are religious and want to serve to better the human race, please get off you PHILOSOHICAL dead rear-end and do what is necessary to fully support the results of your "beliefs."  Otherwise, you are not much more than dead-air, and are occupying material and intellectual space that could be brought to better use.  And, yes, sometimes this requires a tax increase.

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