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If there's one subject that most people can agree on, yet there seems to be so many people who are on the wrong side of the issue, it has to be a smoking ban. It's about as basic as any left and right subject. If your politics lean to the right, any regulations imposed by those on the right rob Americans of their civil liberties. If your politics leans to the left, any regulations imposed by those on the left are treated as, "why didn't mean to post this earlier?"

Even for people who don't smoke, the smoking ban can be thought of as intrusive and over-regulated because government does not need to be in every aspect of our daily life. Freedom means the freedom to make poor choices. Freedom to make poor choices should result in having to live with the results of your poor choices. Yes, everyone knows smoking is bad for you. Yet people still smoke. And when people still smoke in manifest the diseases that come along with it, the responsibility should remain with the smoker. But they're not. But medical costs are sometimes passed onto society through higher insurance premiums, government intrusion, and lawsuits to the tobacco companies who somehow reached into their pockets and force them to buy cigarettes.

In this age of needing more government intrusion into our lives, people need to be taxed out of smoking and not permitted to smoke anywhere at anytime. When the smoking ban is passed, liberals everywhere are celebrating the victory over disease. No longer will people be legally permitted to smell any tobacco smoke. This would truly be a victory if cigarette smoke were the only pollutant left in the air. Yet the same liberals who had bid a fond adieu to the deadly poison of tobacco smoke are urging the American public to take the city buses to wherever they want to go while the buses spew darker smoke with more pollutants and no one seems to care.

Now that this is being solved as one of the largest social problems we have faced (other than the economy, taxes, deficits, job loss, etc.) the world can only get better. Yes, poor choices are made by people who soon like to shun the responsibility of bringing it on themselves. The time and effort given to the subject could have been better spent. I find little solace in the knowledge that the bar rooms across the state are going to be filled with all the people who had been staying home as of late because they did not want to smell like cigarette smoke. Yet for the past 100 years, whenever you went to a tavern, you knew that people in there would be smoking. It's going to be different now. Everybody will be in a better mood now and ready to drink up. The bar rooms will be safer because they won't have that health hazards of cigarette smoke. And the roads will be safer because the drunks driving home will not be groping all over the floor of their car looking for their dropped cigarette. There's just no downside to this law.

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