Pelosi is Plain Pathetic

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In January 2007, the newly elected speaker of the House of Representatives for the United States Congress, Nancy Pelosi, was so proud that she broke the glass ceiling for millions and millions of women who might have been held back either in business or government that she could just not get over herself anymore.

Well, after a couple years of a fake façade, I find it hard to detect any amount of sincerity or credibility in anything Pelosi now says. This week, even the Democrats are no longer pleased with the level of face time given to her lies, half-truths, and poor recollection of events that is now receiving a lot of media attention. Pelosi, like many Democrats and the liberal media, are just having a dilly of a time convincing the American public that they were always against torture a.k.a. enhanced interrogation techniques and blaming the whole thing on the Bush administration. Yes, the Bush administration is even responsible for Nancy Pelosi's ignorance.

How does she expect to convince the American public along with the liberal media that the CIA liberally lied to her in 2002? In a recent news conference televised by the liberal media, they even included parts where Nancy looked so confused and lost that she had to look for her notes to recall what she has been professing for the past few weeks. Why would anyone need to consult the notes for the truth? Oh I forgot, she's a Democrat.

What a horrible example Pelosi is to the public as a governmental leader yet is completely confused and agape. This sort of confusion is going to derail the liberal agenda if this further continues. Even the late night comedians will begin to shift their punch lines away from Bush and over to Pelosi. If this happens, we will know that Pelosi has lost the support of America.

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