Doyle's Final Years

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News flash: Wisconsin is in a fiscal mess. For six years, Jim Doyle has been granted stewardship of the state's government. At this point in his second term, we would need about two upgrades to call it a complete disaster. The liberals who got him elected should be in Paris did not ashamed of what they have done. It is because of what Jim Doyle has done and that is bring the state government to the lowest level of responsiveness and accountability to the citizens of the state.

In 2002, Jim Doyle ran on a platform of not increasing taxes. In 2009, it will be hard to find a tax that he is not going to raise or would think about raising it he was given the chance. The over expansion of social programs in the bureaucracy is a travesty.

Jim Doyle and his liberal agenda has increased spending in the state at a rate far higher than the rate of inflation. The Doyle administration has been anti-business. As businesses closed up and left the state Jim Doyle was not even in the state to wave goodbye. No, he was over in Europe to look at trains in order to waste the federal stimulus money on creating a larger bureaucracy that is going to cause more hardship and higher cost for the citizens of the state once again. Why can't they learn a lesson?

Refusing or rejecting any stimulus money would have received protests from the general public. But let's step back a second and take a look at what this money actually means. The stimulus money is not like an inheritance from that long-lost uncle who died and left a large sum of money to his heirs. Now, the stimulus money comes with many strings attached. It cannot be used to plug the general revenue deficit, caused by the fiscal irresponsibility of Jim Doyle, but has to be spent on something new. Like a commuter train. And after the federal stimulus money dries up, how is the train going to be supported? Certainly not by rider ship.

The state budget process also allows legislators and the governor to slip in changes to existing laws that would otherwise not pass or be noticed. By hiding them in the budget, governors can put in sweeping changes that the general public will not be notified of. The local media certainly will not cover them. Unfortunately, this practice was started long before Jim Doyle however Jim Doyle does not have enough integrity to put an end to such practice.

Jim Doyle is currently sold politically unpopular that you can almost bet whatever is left on your 401(k) that he will not be reelected in 2010. He probably knows this and will announce later that he is not seeking a third term. This way, he can shove through whatever's left on the liberal agenda to raise taxes, expand bureaucracies in the liberal agenda, and possibly even get the commuter train that will be a boondoggle for generations to come. That will be his legacy.

I was never a fan of recall elections. I believe that we should elect people to office and have them serve out their term with the intention of running again which would be a referendum on how well they did. However, nowadays I find it hard to sit back and watch the state, and the nation mis spend money that results in higher taxes being sold was his ability could for the betterment of society. Proper management of the money already being sent to governments in the form of taxes, fees, and all should be better spent and will go a lot further. Proper management and integrity would go a lot further than any tax increase ever could.

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