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I visited Silver Spring's newest food spot last week:  What's Poppin.

They opened last Monday, amidst the dust, gravel, and road closures that are Silver Spring.   They are currently serving a variety of Paninni sandwiches, soups, soft serve ice cream cones / sundaes, fudge,  .. and of course, dozens of varieties of flavored popcorn.

My wife also went there for lunch, had a Pannini and was treated to some samples of their Cheesy Broccoli and Tomato Basil soups .. and said they were fantastic.  (And she hates tomato based soup, so that's saying something.)

So please .. it is probably hard to tell that What's Poppin has opened, with road closures on Silver Spring, but if you're out and about, stop by and grab some dinner for the family, or perhaps some ice cream or popcorn after supper.

One other note.  I recieved a complaint about Village Spillage's recent blog entries that promote local Silver Spring businesses, suggesting that the "old" blog was better, way back before I was a public official (last week).

I disagree.  I've promoted WFB businesses since I started writing this blog, and will never stop doing that. -- So if there are others out there, who don't like reading blog entries that promote shopping local .. get used to it. 

Also .. for those who haven't been keeping score .. we are almost down to 50 days until Silver Spring's streetscaping will be complete.   The deadline is July 1st, in time for the 4th of July parade.

New concrete is being installed daily, and the road is taking shape.  This picture is Silver Spring and Berkeley, in front of the Fox Bay, looking West.

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