Barry Gaffeagain Sees New York

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My, how time flies. This fall, it will be years since the terrorists flew planes into the World Trade Center bringing down what was once the tallest towers in the world and icons of American ingenuity. Yet, there was a test a short while ago to see if the people in New York City still remembered despite the claims over the years "we will not forget." Yes, we remembered.

When there was a Boeing 747 flying low near lower Manhattan, people ran for cover thinking the unthinkable was going to reoccur. A jet could be used as a weapon to end the lives of innocent Americans. But, we found out later that the plane was actually one that is sometimes used as Air Force One for the president of the United States. And the jet was not there to cause terror or to be a drill for the people in lower Manhattan, but was there for photo opportunities.

It was reported that the Obama administration was going to take some fresh pictures of Air Force One cruising past the Statue of Liberty and other landmarks in New York City. Well, if you think about this, and the Obama administration certainly does not want you to think about this, it makes no sense on just about every level. First of all the Statue of Liberty has not really changed a lot since 1886. Air Force One does not go through significant changes over the years either. Even if it did, all of America is thinking: Photoshop. How hard could it be to construct a photo putting the two items together with today's technology? It not only seems easier, you would have better control over the placement of the objects. Plus, no one has really answered the question of who was in the plane. When the question was posed to Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, it was asked as a yes or no question, Gibbs answered the question and America is supposed to go on with no explanation.

Who was in the plane? This may not be answered for a long time because the administration of transparency has something to hide. This little jaunt also cost taxpayers $328,000. Compared to the $3 trillion Obama is spending since taking office, it seems like mere pocket change. It is not only a waste of taxpayer money, it shows complete fiscal responsibility that is part of the Obama administration. Also, flying the plane for no particular reason will also add to the carbon emissions that the administration wants you to believe that they are against.

Who was on the plane? Was it friends or relatives of the president? Who else would have access to Air Force One? Who should have access to Air Force One? This is another example of something that should be trivial speaks volumes about the integrity, honesty, and ethics of the Obama administration. Yes, this little incident will fade away into obscurity. But only because more will certainly follow.

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