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First, I would like to thank my little pup, Daisy, for writing my last blog posting. I’m very impressed that she can use her little paws to type on the keyboard.

As I have stated or should I say, Daisy said; chickens are not good pets. However, there is another farm animal that many people also keep as pets – oink oink. Yes, the pig.

Let me first reiterate, farm animals do not belong in homes located in major metro areas. Like chickens, pigs smell. And you thought picking up after a chicken was bad . . . OMG . . . go live on a farm if you want to shovel that *&^%! Plus there is that snorting noise. It’s bad enough that Silverback Gorilla snores loudly, I couldn’t imagine being woken up by a snorting pig.

While I know of no proposed or existing ordinances allowing pigs as household pets in any of the North Shore communities, I’m sure that one is bound to pop up soon. Why? Let’s face it; pigs are getting a bad rap these days and some group like Pork Is Great (PIG for short) will surely intercede on behalf of the rights of swine. Isn’t that what always happens? Some group comes to the aid of the victims of society, even if the victims are fat smelly swine.

Okay, baby pigs are cute to look at when you are at the State Fair. And then there is Piglet and Babe. Oh, and I cannot forget the pig from the old Pig ‘N Whistle. But these are the swine exceptions. I’m not a member of PIG, I don’t eat pigs, and frankly I don’t like them but on one issue I will come to the defense of swine.

Oh yeah . . . the bad rap that pigs are getting, it’s due to this swine flu thing that is going around. Now, I don’t mean to make light of it. Seriously, people have died from the swine flu or whatever the new politically correct name for it is – H something or another. This illness should be taken as a serious matter. But please, don’t you think we are getting a bit carried away? Closing a school because someone may have been in contact with the third cousin of someone who may know someone who might be sneezing is a bit out of control. Good grief, I was in Mexico five months ago, might I have swine flu (or H something or another) because I have a cough? No! It’s called asthma. Jeeze . . . give me a break!

This flu thing aside, I am still anti-pig . . . at least when it comes to them being house pets. Go ahead, make pigs legal as house pets and you’ll see what will happen. We’ll have an increased number of mosquitoes buzzing around because of the watery mud puddles for the pigs. Of course this will lead to a malaria pandemic which would quickly spread from Fox Point, Wisconsin all the way to Sydney, Australia. Got your surgical mask ready?

Another reason to raise our snouts and say no to pigs.

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