Government Mishandling Pandemic

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It is my sincere hope that Logos of the Bogus finds you all well. After all, we are in the worst crisis of public health since the bubonic plague. I'm surprised the government has not issued a public statement using that phrase. How are we supposed to move ahead in confidence without self-doubt and fear riding as a monkey on our back?

Is the swine flu as bad as the plague? It was important enough to close all of the schools and not have them make up the days. Will this save taxpayer money? Will this create a little surplus to do further next school referendum for about six weeks? Closing only 21 schools seems like only doing half the job. Why not close all the schools and fill up tanker trucks with bleach and hose everything down top to bottom? Since the kids are going to be out of school and probably in movie theaters or at the Penny arcade, I think we should hose them down too. The news clips showed the janitor wiping down the hot lunch table. I felt confident he was doing the right thing, but don't the hot lunch tables get wiped down on a regular basis anyway? Perhaps there's more to this problem than just swine flu.

Plus the Obama administration does not like the phrase swine flu. Nor does the pork industry. Apparently the general public has gotten so frantic with the news of this major pandemic that they have lost all sense and believe you can get a virus from eating a slice of bacon. If they don't like the name swine flu, they should have a contest when school resumes to read named this horrible disease. The grade school kids could color posters showing all the grown-ups that they have learned about the swine flu. So far in this contest, H1N1 is the contest leader. Come on kids, you can do better than this. The winner gets a free shot.

The Obama administration also had a catch phrase of not wasting a good crisis. Through their inaction, they are failing to spend another trillion dollars in order to quickly pass a bill, like the stimulus bill, that would quickly socialize the entire health care industry and  enact legislation that will promulgate any remaining liberal agenda items that had been missed by the last stimulus bill, Omnibus bill, or fiscal budget.

The city of Milwaukee is also missing an opportunity to promote the sick pay bill that will allow all parents to stay home with their kids, miss work and get paid for it while sticking the bill to the employer. That's good for business! Finally, the weather is getting nice, and I'm sure the parents would love the opportunity to drive their kids down to the Penny arcade.

The good news is that most of us will survive to the end of the week despite the ominous presence of this terrible, deadly disease. The flu kills about 35,000 people in the United States annually. The swine flu has killed one person that I have heard of. It's got some catching up to do. Yes, we're all going to die...  eventually.

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