The question of honesty.

Honesty and humanity.

The question of honesty.


Unlike the hard realities of physics and chemistry and other hard sciences, economics and government are based on certain ephemeral aspects of the human condition.


Democracy and the economic system permitted or obtainable within what we call a democratic system are even, if separable based on the presence of or the lack of universal confidence within that given culture.


Put more simply, democracy and the economic system that results from that governing system only works within a climate of honesty.


Dishonesty is the fundamental cause of failure within any relationship.


Democracy fails where we are not all working with the same knowledge. Our economy fails when we no longer have confidence in the key elements and its underlying pinnings.


These organs of society that we call government, economy and even the overall culture that contains them are human entities, not always measurable but never the less essential for human existence.


To function appropriately on a sustained basis, one of the fundamental qualities that is required is honesty, one of the elements not naturally found among human beings and their relationships.


The stock market is one of those elements of today's economy that is expected to break down periodically because it lacks that element of honesty.


Governments are not accepted by most people because of the questioned honesty of the people who make up government.


While honesty is a fundamental requirement, we've come to accept the falsity of small print and political promises. We drive through amber and red lights if we can get away with it.


Here in Shorewood, we drive at 35 and 40 miles an hour when the limit is posted at 30.


These are only a few examples of what might be considered to be the small dishonesties of everyday living that eat away at our important social systems.


Criminals are considered exceptionally dishonest because they've expanded into larger than everyday dishonesties.


It is our acceptance of minor dishonesties that nourishes the larger ones evidenced then in what becomes “breaking news,” such as economic recessions and the break down of governments.


The fundamental success or failure of the system that we recognize today as humanity is based on our ability to understand the important substance that permits humanity to function and that is “honesty.”

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