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This is my first entry in what will hope to be an amusing, informative, and educational blog about life in Shorewood, or "Vatican City" as one reporter used to refer to our village, the same geographic size as the Vatican.  I grew up here, or well, moved here when I was in third grade and graduated SHS in '86. So, technically, by Village standards, I "didn't really" go here the whole way through. At my 20th reunion someone remarked that I was absent from the K4 pictures! Nope, I was in (hold breath) MPS.  And yes, I did just reveal my age.  Now I have no secrets. Our realtor mentioned when we were looking at a house in 2004 that "In Shorewood, there is just one degree, not six" and it's true, so here I am.

I am going to write a few ongoing columns within this column, reporting on things that I find hilarious, great, appalling, and little-known about Shorewood. I feel it's time to use my powers for good and let my history be useful for things (other than noting that I have never, ever looked good in the VHS pool locker room mirror).  I will get over my feelings of loss about the Shorewood Bakery (at some point) and share my elation that upon moving back to Shorewood after 20 years to raise my family and share Shorewood with my husband and, now, two children, that there is no fee to use the beach at Atwater. Amazing! Every summer I'd cull the house for small change in hopes I could join my friends down there. Now, it's gratis (though I realize, that is another issue). I hope to interview people who have raised children in Shorewood and find out their stories, as I am grateful to them for their wisdom and dedication to our village.  To me, Shorewood is "where grandma lives" even though my own family is not here. 

So dear reader, know that I care deeply about this community. Enough so to move back because of three things: comfort, connection, and community.  I feel so much support in Shorewood --  my children have grandparents here whenever we walk in to City Market, I have friends from before who are golden and new friends who know me only as an adult, and I can thrive as an multifunctioning mom/artist/grad student/teacher/wife/ and dye my hair burnt orange (now I match the babyJenny and Helen with SEED auction painting) as kind of an accident and wear pink boots and be just fine in this town.  I represent old Shorewood and new Shorewood. I am proud of our school district and realize what a very special, intergenerational village we have here.  So pat yourself on the back for your choice to be part of our interwoven community, but don't slip on the ice! See you 'round the village!

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