A Calatrava Shopping Plaza for Shorewood?

A Calatrava Shopping Plaza

Mr. Guy Johnson, president of Shorewood's Village Board, I'm requesting that you call in Santiago Calatrava, international Architect and Engineer to help us put our village on the map.


I've come to this conclusion for a number of reasons. 

Shorewood's basic strength is its rather solid residential property base. Yet our property values are not free from any national or international economic fluctuation. But our residential property values are relatively solid, even as they go up and down with the general economy.

On the other hand, our commercial property is not as significant nor as solid. As a matter of fact, we might be giving too much attention to augmenting the presence of commercial in our village.

What good is commercial property, in and of itself, to Shorewood, except for those businesses that actually serve the needs of people from within the community?

I have an unproven theory, a hypothesis. I believe that if we took the equivalent amount of land covered by commercial development as is covered by our most expensive homes in Shorewood, that the residential parcels altogether would add up to a higher value than all commercial property that we have in Shorewood collectively.

If we should then give up on trying to make something out of commercial property here, I would think that we should concentrate on a central business plaza or town center instead.

Many think that a town center would provide us the most important of central services. If  that is the case, we should have a definite plan for our town center.  And  create a town center.

We should call in Santiago Calatrava and tell him that we want him to design a multi-structural town center right over the intersection of Capitol and Oakland and somewhat extending in four directions, over existing traffic patterns.  The structural requirements would be somewhat off-set by the air-rights acquired.   

His design, would of course, give us a unique setting and probably attract more commercial enterprises than we could accommodate. We'd be known all over the world.  That's my vision for Shorewood.

The president of our Village Board should take this on as his main project and move it through during these next three years of his office.

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