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the value of vision plans

One of the things that we don't have to worry about in Shorewood is the lack of continuity in our government. We've just returned three incumbents who ran unopposed. That was a tough battle.

I love them, but I would love them more as officials if they'd have some opposition so that we'd know if they had changed with time. It's like going to a boxing match, but there's only one boxer in the ring, 'Great match.

If candidates stay in long enough, some would grow white beards. Only half of the trustees qualify for growing beards. Yet that analysis too is incorrect, now that I recall, we had a white beard who wasn't that old and didn't stay that long.

But it's not their fault that they were unopposed. Besides, I didn't have to look at all the yard signs. Incidentally, is that how we know who the constituents are, by who puts up a yard sign for the candidate?  If that's the measure, we don't have many constituents this year.

I haven't checked to see who the incumbents that will run unopposed will be next year.  We certainly have a disinterested citizenry.  Let's get some opposing candidates next year, more boxers.

Maybe we can find some Democrats. Or are the ones already in, Democrats. One announced that he was. They can't be Republicans because our development plans are designed to interfere with the free market.

O.K. On another subject. There's a lot of talk about vision planning.  Who's vision?  It used to be that people with visions announced their visions to the church or had regular meetings with the psychiatrist.

I wouldn't admit that I had a vision if I had one.

Besides, if I put my vision in a large bottle with other visions, it would get diluted. It would be like putting wine dregs from many bottles into one big jug and shaking it up. Who knows what might come out of it. 'Might taste nasty.   

'Any of the elected officials remember what was in the old vision plan?

I'm sure the Michelangelo wouldn't make use of one of those mixed visions.  As we don't have a Michelangelo, I guess we have to take the jug approach.   Let's hope that too many aren't hitting the jug when they submit their visions.

Is it too late to include a vision for the bookstore. If I had had known last time that the bookstore was moving out, then I would have visioned. it in.   Where would it go, where Harley's is?  Please include a bookstore and a coffee room for the elderly in this next vision session coming up.

I certainly appreciate the coffee shop for the elderly near the elevator in the basement of the library that came out of the last vision.   I saw a young elder there with a black beard.   He didn't have a coffee POT.

What I saw wasn't in my vision?   Besides where are the umbrellas and the tables that were in my vision?   Did somebody else  vision away the tables and umbrellas?     Did some one have a stronger vision?   How come mine wasn't stronger?   Visions and vision plans, oh! what a world.

So much for visions.

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