Is there another solution that anybody knows of?

Creating a small business district

High rents result in reduced or no profit for some businesses in Shorewood.

There are certain services that are operated as private enterprises that are providing a social service to the community.   Our bookstore, as I indicated recently, was one of those.

If these services are important to the community, we must find a way to keep them operating.

We didn't do that with the bookstore, because we failed to understand the importance of the service and thought it too difficult to find a way for keeping it.

Now, not all enterprises are that important.   Politicians say it is difficult to draw the line between what is important and what is not, so let's not deal with it.

More top notch restaurants would operate in Shorewood if the rents weren't so high.  A hardware store would be a good service here in our community, but probably would not be able to make a profit.

If we are going to have a business district that is worthwhile and will attract people, then there are a number of enterprises that we need that cannot make it here because of the high cost of operation.

But our community would be more valuable if these services were here.  And certain essential clusters of businesses would attract others.

If we were starting a business district from the beginning, we would need a certain infrastructure to get it going. So we'd have to subsidize that just as we've subsidized the streescaping.

We haven't considered subsidizing an important cluster of businesses that would create that essential nucleus.   Perhaps we don't know what that cluster is but we could make a good intelligent guess.

Yet, if we don't go in the direction of subsidizing essential business district units, we'll never have a real and viable business center, a real village center.   Nibbling around the edges ain't goin' to do it.

We should have taken the bookstore head on.   We took Harley's clothing store head on and subsidized it, at least for the time being.

Let's take a serious look at various elements needed and bring them into our list of essentials and then let's bring them in.

Is there another solution that anybody knows of?  

If we are not going to take my solution and if there is no other one, then we should forget about improving our business district and let the free market take care of it.

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