Let's plan for beauty.

Size of shops

It seems that Shorewood Village Hall has accepted the notion that some types of business must be reduced in scale and that some should be bailed out and some should not, and some should be relocated.

What happens to the large empty space left behind after all the dislocation?

Some successful grocery stores are of the notion that getting bigger is better. Pick-n-Save located in Shorewood has probably aimed itself at getting bigger. Bank space and even pharmacies are being included in the interior of large box-type grocery stores.

Pick-n-Save owns the building which housed our former bookstore and the building in which Walgreen is located.

There seems to have been discussion as how to enlarge Pick-n-Save. Some plans show it moving out of its present location on the block. A new store expanded on the south section of that block is shown on these plans.

Although counter to the reduction in scale concept sought by other businesses, grocery stores are apparently seeking greater space.

We need to be very careful about our plans there in view of the likelihood of a whole Shorewood block of our business district becoming walled in by a large grocery store and parking lot. This is not going to be a pleasant shopping street.

It seems instead that the street should be lined with small exterior shops and the grocery store and the parking behind or mostly to west of that line of shops.

In this way the street frontage remains a shopping street. Perhaps even a small bookstore can be popped into that facade.

Let's not forget that moderate size is beautiful. Small is more beautiful. And large perhaps the least in beauty. So let's plan for the most beautiful.

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