To change or not to change.

Political polciy

Changing facts and changing situations may require new interpretations of new events and often require modifications or completely new policies.

We know today that a perceived 17th or 18th century capitalism was not the capitalism of the 20th century.  Nor can we expect that the capitalism practiced in the 20th century to be the one that will carry us through the 21st century.  Both the situation and the facts have changed.

Sometimes it is more difficult to make the same observation of situations that are so close to our everyday lives.   Even in Shorewood, once certain decisions are made it becomes difficult to admit mistakes.

The other day a woman banged the rear door of her car against one of those extended concrete planters along side Pick-N-Save on Oakland.

I was parked behind her car and I said that “I thought this mistake had been corrected.” She was embarrassed that she had not determined that her door might have struck the raised concrete but said, “evidently it had not been corrected.”

Once something is done, it may even require a change in attitude to correct.

Most of us recognize this in our everyday lives. However, it's more difficult to face or admit these realities in our political actions as these mistakes illustrate the inaccuracies of our publicly held policies and declared attitudes.

However, we often learn more from our mistakes, when we admit them, than we do from following old routines

I don't believe that old policies in view of changing situations are going to reduce the number of brown papered windows on Oakland and the brown boarded windows of the former restaurant on Capitol.

When a trustee of the Village Board says one's constituents would be difficult to face when two store fronts within about a block of each other were to display brown covered window, how would one explain the inaction and action that results in that very situation?

This seems a short term political view and a costly implementation of old policy rather than its modification.

It is simply another banging of the car door against an inadequate policy. The world changes but politicians do not seem as ready to change with it. Thus the fall of many empires.  

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