You don't have to speed it up.

Speeding neels slowing.

If one writes a book on anything, from how to quit smoking to how to lose fat, or if one is a retired colonel, he or she can give military opinions on TV.   Some can give their opinions on any subject that seems hot that day on cable TV.

What is important if one doesn't have charts, is to talk faster that the brain is operating. Those having their own programs have teleprompters so they don't have to use their brains at all but must be able to read fast. Sometimes they read faster than the teleprompter and anticipate the wrong words.

It seems that advertising is better planned and gives quicker and better information than newsreaders and commentators. Sometime the ads come so close to each other that we might get a combined message that will knock you off your chair.

I'm sure that I don't understand the need for speed talk nor that people need to talk on cellphones all the time  in the grocery store or in the bank.

Some of those TV ads will show a car on a road somewhere on another planet where that one car is the only one there and can go 1000 miles a minute in 0 seconds. At which point the driver's face seems to have  lost any need for that Viagra stuff.

I know that those cars exist.  I see them from one mile away in my rear view mirror and they are on my back bumper in less than a second. Speed's the thing. If they could only speed up the checkout system in the grocery store and personal deposits in the banks, that would be an accomplishment.   

One can get a MacDonald's cheeseburger at the window faster in a large city than off the highway in a small town where there's usually no car in front of you. I wonder why that is? Are people in small towns less interested in that fast stuff.

So fast is in.   Occasionally someone walking faster does so to hold the door open for me. I must remind him of grandpa. Thanks son.

I've learned to get a grocery cart in grocery stores, merely for defense purposes; for some people drive their carts in the same manner as they drive their SUV s.  Look out!

And then there are those two parked with carts, sort of over-the-fence talkers that you can't get by in store. They've stopped speeding.  Some will leave the cart in the middle of isle and look at you strangely if you try to move it.  I suppose it is best to come flying down the isle like some do and ram the parked cart with yours. Would that give a better message?

O.K. So I'm an old fogy, who likes to grumble at young folks speeding along. But I love young folks. I used to teach them something about life when they listened.

Now I'd just like to tell them there's no place to speed to.   Here's the place where you live your life, right here where your are at the present time.  Get off the TV and cellphones and stop breaking the speed limit.    Enjoy life. . And do so slowly, like a good drink..  Life goes fast enough, you don't have to speed it up.  It's way ahead of you already.  

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