Do dreams really come true?

A revitalized bookstore?

Waking up from a dream, which I seldom have or at least do not recall that I had, I remembered that I was at a regular meeting of the Shorewood's Village Board.

There, one member stood up and said, I don't believe that I could face my constituents if I didn't make sure that we revitalized our Village Bookstore and coffee room.

Another member remained seated and said, yes, we have established a bailing out precedence by giving funds for revitalizing a clothing store and in providing funds for recreation facilities for our school district and for many other sorts of things. I support the motion. (This was of course a dream and all the technicalities and protocol of a Board meeting seemed not to be present).

Now that we have the basis for establishing a co-op for operating such a facility and even the possibility of keeping the manager of the former bookstore, said another member, we have all the ingredients for revitalizing this cultural center.   We have the constituency.

The presiding officers said that he had heard that the owners of the building of the former bookstore were willing to make a significant contribution to the community for this purpose. They would lease out the building for $1 a year to the co-op for the next 10 years and until they could establish themselves, meanwhile they could make arrangements to purchase the building.

Another member who has shown great interest in providing social facilities for the elderly especially on an intergenerational basis said, that the coffee room could serve as an intergeneration facility and that funds could be applied for from the Bill Benjamin Fund, established for this purpose. He said, we could even name it the Bill Benjamin Coffee Room.

One of the members who had been sitting in silence said, I move that we provide the co-op $183,300 for establishing this physical facility and ask the Shorewood Foundation to match that amount to go for the coffee room as a center for elderly and intergeneration meetings.

Someone said, I think that we have arrived at a consensus, so I move that we do everything in our power to put all of this together as quickly as possible. A vote was taken on the motion and it was unanimously passed or did someone in my dream state say magnanimously?

Of course, this was a dream, among the few of my great dreams, for none of this could be true, especially in Shorewood or was it on the other hand really a dream of critical significance, foretelling the great futuristic trend  of our Village?

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