What does well-represented mean?

One anonymous reader once commented that incumbents didn't get opposition to their candidacy because the citizens were probably pleased with the way they were being represented.

I'm a bit concerned about Shorewood citizens. They don't seem sufficiently interested to attend Shorewood Village Board meetings, for one thing. I doubt that most citizens know when the meetings are held or whether they can name two of the seven board members.

I'd be surprised if one in ten of those voting this month will know the names of two incumbents on the ballet who are seeking to retain their seats on the Village Board before they see the ballot.

It doesn't seem then that there is too much fame in being a board member either, which is too bad. I have to think for a little while to remember the names of all seven, but I know.

I can easily remember their faces. But they've been there for so long except for one or two. I like all the Board members and I appreciate the valuable time they give to this community.

My comments are in the general context of community. I appreciate all the valuable time members put into this service. They have my thanks and appreciation.

It seems that most residents with children are primarily interested in the quality of schools and not much more.

Those fairly new residents without children are more or less merely interested in the place of residence for one reason or another. I don't believe that many are interested in community or who is filling the pot holes as long as they are being fill-in.

We moved to Shorewood because of the Lake and the opportunity to design and build a house not far from The University and from Columbia Hospital not necessarily because of our good government.

I suppose like most Shorewood residents that my family could ignore government and lack of community and in a sense turn our backs on Shorewood, except for my interest in government and community.

It would be interesting to do a survey to find out the primary reason for residents locating themselves here.

I don't believe that they many moved here because they thought that they would be well represented by Village Board members or because we are trying to improve the tax base or try to shift more of the tax burden onto our business district.

O. K. , we got to this discussion because of the term well-represented presented us by a reader. Well,  do we now have any idea of what well-represented means?

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