My former bookstore.

Bookstore and coffeeroom bum.

While running some errands the other day, I decided to drive by the former Schwartz's Bookstore in Shorewood.

The windows were covered over with brown paper and someone was on the ladder, I believe, taking down the bookstore sign.

Even though the site seemed dreary, I could smell the former bookstore's coffee aromas in my mind. Feeling the urge for coffee and books, I continued driving to the Downer bookstore. It was closed and being remodeled.

The people in Starbucks next door didn't seem the bookish types. Their mannerisms as I viewed them indicated that they'd have more interest in baseball than discussing world affairs.

I decided to continue with my program of errands instead, so I drove on.

I wouldn't have believed that I'd miss my visits to the bookstore in Shorewood, have coffee and read a newspaper there so soon after its closing. I usually expected that when I was there, that I might talk to someone in passing. I often had interesting conversations.

I wonder how many more will be suffering the same withdrawal symptoms, displaced habits and longing memories for our former bookstore?

Maybe I should turn to raising chickens instead.  Little pigs are cute too.  Except that I know where both go after they turn the right age. They never get enrolled in school.

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