Are we slowly losing our democracy?

Local democracy in review.

It is obvious that most Shorewood trustees are interested in remaining in office. Otherwise incumbents wouldn't want to retain their seats. I'm sure that they must derive some pleasure from whatever role that they play as trustees.

In a democracy, candidates are elected to represent the citizens of specific jurisdictions. Represention means that those elected are in someway in contact with those they represent and that they are accountable to those they represent.

Some of us  for a number of years have been looking for evidence of this type of democratic representation here in Shorewood.   It seems that under the present system, there is no way that we can achieve that type of democracy.

Next week we shall have a virtual election or the re-seating of incumbents, who will not change the face of Board nor likely to change the manner in which they represent us.

The Board should establish a time, perhaps an hour, once a month for a town meeting-type of exchange.

The purpose would be to make it possible for citizens to comment and ask trustees to answer their questions in a rather informal manner and without the pressure that there is something more important to be done that evening.

This is one way of achieving representation and getting accountability.

The Board should put this item on the agenda for public discussion at their first meeting after the election.

On the other hand, our citizens should also become concerned about what is going on with the governance of their community and be present for these proposed public discussions.

Would Jefferson and Lincoln ever have thought that citizens might become disinterested in their local government and become unaware of this loss,  this loss of democracy?

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