Shorewood can't afford to miss this train.

Unique shopping district.

Those people involved in promoting Shorewood's business district need to look at themselves as stage artists 
developing a new stage setting for doing business in Shorewood.

What our business district needs is to develop novel characteristics that will attract unique businesses and clientèle.   We should develop unique nodes of gaiety both in atmosphere and appearance.

Many of us, I'm sure are not really expecting that this old linear shopping street idea, characteristic of the old streetcar era is going to work here. First of all, it has no real continuity. It's broken up with serious gaps, (residents and parking ) that prevent or destroy any carry-over from one activity enclave to another.

The solution is to pre-select those areas with the greatest potential or “ping”.   Each enclave should have its own characteristic ping.

The main characteristic that we have to deal with however is what I refer to as “ derived urban character.” This calls for a type of feeling of virtual scale—and as for the Shorewood business districts this relates to a height of about 30 feet.

One way to achieve the appearance of this derived urban scale, 3-story enclosed alcove is by appropriately locating sculptures of that height.   And to defray the costs of these sculptures that will of course be unique and that will add a certain PING to each of these determined nodes, I've designed interesting appearing solar panels, that contribute to the uniqueness of each of the individual sculptures.

What are these sculptures? I'm referring to these as “urban solar energy trees.”   They are both aesthetic and practical as they can produce solar energy to both heat our crosswalks in the winter and provide for street lighting all-year-round.   They also give a particular character to each individual niche or bay.


Where can we see them? No problem. I already have several models. I'm using these models as the focal point for developing a program that would bring high school students along with university students together with elderly in working together toward unique problem-solving and for bringing three generations together in this process.

It seems to be that both the Business Improvement District and Community Development should want to begin exploring this idea of urban solar energy trees as soon as possible. This is your subject matter.

Perhaps this is the only way to bring this idea out to those who need to consider its potential uniqueness. They should look into it and contact me soon as possible because with the possibility of federal funding this train might be leaving the station sooner than we think.   We can't afford to miss this train.


Members of the Business Improement District  shouldn't hesitate, explore the possibilites. 

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