From village to outer space and back again.

My lttle village.

Two American crew men killed in a plane crash in Japan. Small plane crashes in U.S. – small children among the dead.

Closer to home, several policemen killed in Chicago last night. Milwaukee police called this morning to ease neighborhood situation. Shorewood, gloomy morning.

looking out the window, I see that one of my evergreens in my garden died over the winter – needs to be replaced. I have to pick up a prescription this morning—a short list of a growing page of domestic responsibilities for the day.

Everything is important and significant, even the theory that is attempting explain the expansion of outer space and actual task of clearing space debris closer by is of interest. But I can only handle the things close to home. Thus my interest in what goes on in my own little village here in Shorewood.

Millions of people occupy communities, some smaller and some larger, all over the world. But I am one of the residents of Shorewood among some few thousands.

Previously when I “worked,” I drove out of Shorewood everyday to perform my tasks and when the weather was inspiring, I sometimes walked to UWM. My research and professional work however also required that I involve some of my students, even in suburbs of Chicago.

Many people living in Shorewood drive to more distant agencies, some flying to Japan, to other parts of the U.S. or to Chicago, and even closer in, to Milwaukee. Their homes are here in Shorewood. But many of the everyday interests occupy them away from Shorewood.

I'm sure that if a survey were taken, that half of the working adults living here, could not tell us that Schwartz's Bookstore is closing at the end of this month. Some may not even be acquainted with the name. Yet it has been an important element of the community, the community where our children with their friends go to school.

This is a long way to go for me to explain why Shorewood is so important to me among my many other interests and why I'm inclined to write about our village many times during the week.

It has also come to my attention recently that as many as 1000 read each of these postings over a period of a week and as many as 2000 over the month. Some times I'd like to write about other things as well and there are other places for doing that, but here is where I can talk about Shorewood.

I surprise myself with the various interests that I have here about our village. Often I focus on one element to make the point and to gain the attention of those who should be interested and who should be explaining things to the rest of us.

Ten years ago, I would not have not believed that I would have this engaging possibility. I'm grateful that others also have interest in the various aspects of our village that I write about.

I wish that those whom we are going to vote for or against, next month could find time to talk to us about their Shorewood and the true meaning it holds for them.

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