Here's to free-flowing ideas.

Ideas - sometimes become reality

As I generally wake up rather early, I have some moments to entertain free flowing thoughts not restricted or embedded in conventional requirements. I don't know whether this is usual or not. I'm sure that others have similar experiences.

On arising, those and other thoughts must find an order that is not required upon first awakening. Sometimes I take the most outstanding thought and make it the basic starting point of my blog, as I'm doing right now.

I found memories of conversations that didn't seem too prominent when I bumped into people I hadn't talked to for sometime as I did only yesterday. I was so surprised at some who wanted to talk to me about what I had been writing about. I thought that this was just conversation making.

But this morning I was pleased to know that some of those free flowing ideas were getting out there where people could consider them. I have some private ideas about significant thinking and evolution of human community.

I was just as pleased at the acceptance of some of my ideas as when I saw the first wheeled traveling bags in the airports.

I had invented one for my wife who traveled back and forth to Europe when were were quite younger. This was bout 15 years before these bags got on the market. I had tried to get a patient and sent the idea to every luggage manufacturer in the U. S. and Europe, all indicating no interest. It was one of those free flowing ideas with practicality that now brings me pleasure. Something cultural evolving.

I've gotten used to the way my mind works, I suppose that I should, especially when it comes to these free flowing ideas. A couple of years ago, it produced a scale model of a three-story high sculpture. In fact I made several of them. I proposed that they be located in Shorewood's business district. The purpose was to give an air of centrality and urban character, a “ping” to various business cluster points.

This notion would require the practicality that comes with time. Of course, a free-standing structure, 3-stories high requires material to withstand gravity, wind and all sorts of weather conditions over many years. Even if it was a Michelangelo scaled horse, no one could afford the bronze that it would take.

But my structure, unlike the bronze horse, could incorporate solar panels that would give it practical purpose. Electricity to heat the ice covered sidewalks and even provide for some for street lighting.

This along with other ideas of people of the community might find its own reality in what appears to be the basis of a broader community project. We are calling it a solar energy tree.

I've put a lot of faith in these early morning free flowing ideas. And here is one, along with free flowing ideas from other members of the community, that must eventually and in combined form take on social significance.

Here's to free-flowing ideas.

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