Inherit the wind, ye children of Shorewood and of the world.

Cultural dishonesty

Someone said recently, that we cannot afford to have an economy based on DISHONESTY. And I guess the point has now been made.

One of the questions now is, should we reward dishonesty?  Are bonuses honestly collectable during these bad  times?  To what point of dishonesty should we adore the golden calf?

We know the answer of the prophets and wise men.   Jesus seemed only once to have shown anger, when He drove the money changers out of the the temple.

If dishonesty is the truth that governs us, would we announce this to our children and grandchildren?  Will they inherit this emptiness?  Do we want them to?   Is dishonesty what Jefferson and Lincoln had in mind for us?

Would they support two political parties made of up people who think that our political structure is a game that pays off those who's cleverness is based on dishonesty? One's dishonesty is better than another's?

We are also told that we would be naive to believe that dishonesty is not essential to free enterprise. As long as we tolerate it, then we are as dishonest as the money changers in the temple. We cannot, as a society, turn our backs nor give a wink to dishonesty wherever we see it rise.

If dishonesty is at the base of our economic and social system, we are lost as a society. Then what is religion all about?

If enterprise or businessmen must depend on dishonesty to make money, then they are a bunch of crooks and deserve to be in jail as all crooks need to be.  We cannot call it any other way and still say we are a nation based on religious principles.  What do we tell our children here in our own community, here in Shorewood?


Dishonesty is not a religious principle. Would we tell our children that a few lies are o.k.? So isn't that what we are telling them when we accept lying and dishonesty as a significant part of our culture? More than a few lies are o.k. Can I preach this on Shorewood's Village Square?

We are saying that it would be naive to believe otherwise. When you grow up, you'll find that all that we have taught you is wrong. Lying, cheating, being dishonest, that's what life is all about. Forget about religion. Get in there and be crooked so you can make money. Be a money changer.


We cannot say that.   We cannot allow those crooks whom we thought responsible for a significant social aspect of our social structure to sail away in their ill-gotten yachts to reap the gains of their dishonesty.


We must find them, try them and send them off to jail.   We cannot make crooks examples for our children in Shorewood and for all children throughout the country. 

We can no longer support a society that believes that only the naive believe in honesty.   Then we are all lost and our heirs shall “inherit the wind.”

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