Is this the democratic way to represent us?

Unopposed candidates.

There are three incumbents running unopposed to retain their seats on the Village Board.

One of the problems with running unopposed is that many issues do not get discussed nor can we learn where the candidates stand on these issues nor do they then necessarily disclose their views.

Does anyone know where any of the incumbent members stand, for example, on whether we should take some action on keeping the bookstore in place?

If anyone knows where a specific candidate stands, that is, is he or she ready to take action to keep the bookstore, please let me know. There are others who'd like to know too. Of course, April is too late. Never-the-less it would be nice to  find out now before we vote.

Are you for or against keeping the bookstore? Simple question. Why so quiet for so long? (Please read my previous posting). Then make your answers public, where we can read them.

It doesn't make any difference as to the outcome of the election, so why not tell us. Perhaps the North Shore Now reporter should put this question to the candidates?

You”re all going to retain your seats anyway. How does it feel, not having to answer to anyone? Shouldn't you do something about this? Is being quiet enough? Is this the democratic way to represent us?

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