What do we do now?

Situation at local level.

This evolving economic situation is now taking us to another level of learning about ourselves.

Although many pretended to know what we were all about 5 years ago, advising which schools to attend, which stocks to buy and which jobs to seek to either stay rich or get richer, those definitions and what we thought were unchangeable principles do not fit us today, not nationally nor as to our lives here in Shorewood.

I've lived no place longer that I've lived here in Shorewood. Shorewood is me and I've become Shorewood. What is new about us today is that we are all going to start at new level of knowledge, all of us at the same time.

We are all going to confront this new lesson in a new way. No more pretending as to whom is the smartest. No more dreaming about the worth of our stock, our homes and our pension funds. All are on the decline, to a level that some are saying is “real value.” Whatever that is.

We are more distant to what happens on a national level where, few if any of us, can get involved or may desire to be involved. But here in Shorewood, this is where we live everyday. Here is where we can and must be involved.

I don't believe that we can continue with what we're doing, because what were doing does not even represent what we need to do today and tomorrow. We can continue to go through the motions, go on our summer vacations perhaps and do other things we've planned, but we now need to put more thought into those plans and motions. What will we be doing tomorrow?

This is a time to reassess. Leaving things alone and as they are will not stop the roof from leaking. Old and new things need to be attended to. I see no invisible hand that will mend the roof.

As a community, we tend to act through our local government. We need now to redefine what our local government is going to do in today's situation.

We cannot pretend that members of our Village Board, either individually or collectively have all the answers nor that they are representative of the concerns that we all hold today.

Most of the things that we normally do that are visible are physical. Today, we have citizens of Shorewood who will need special community attention and their needs are not so visible. We need to come to grips with these human needs and place them at higher levels than those physical.

Children, parents and elderly, today have acquired new needs that we really are not fully aware of. We need to know.

During the blitz in England, people of all classes came together like never before. They all faced the same dangers. We in Shorewood are going to be confronted with common events that will require collective approaches within at least several years coming.

I believe that our local government, just as all local governments, should do rather immediately is to seek out some people within the community who can call people together at several central meeting points, to discuss what they see as their immediate problems. This we must do to define them and in order to determine how to cope with them.

Can the leaders in Shorewood be asked to initiate this call?

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