If “Small is Beautiful” then what about large?

Small and beautiful--community

Some years ago, when a small local bank would lend money, placing a mortgage on a house, several years later and usually until it was paid off, the bank would still be holding the mortgage.


You could talk to the bank manager if you decided to refinance and he might even have the document in front of him to hand to you when you paid it off. Now it's in the computer somewhere, in the hands of an European bank.


When I was kid, one of the store front banks that was on the corner was operated by the guy who lived on our block. Then small was beautiful.

Today, within our global economy, it would be a difficult job to trace who owns your mortgage, some institution in another part of the world perhaps. Global, is not small, it is large and sometimes ugly.

When I was a young adult, there were a fairly large number of car companies in the U.S., one was called Studebaker, another Packard, even Dodge was independent, owned for some time by Dodge brothers. They did some fantastic designs for the times., then taken over by Chysler. 

Perhaps GM should be divided up into Chevy, Pontiac, Buick, Cadillac and GM trucks and whatever other car names they have acquired. Smaller might be prettier. Small manufactures in Italy aren't doing so badly. Check the prices.

A small independently operated bookstore/coffee shop in Shorewood would be beautiful and have more significance than an international New York type coffee shop that might be jerked out. if the global market isn't just right.

It seems that what the writer was saying was that large may not be as beautiful, and not in all cases as beaufitful as things of human scale and as those that are community related.

Shorewood is small and that's beautiful. Large enterprises do not make sense here unless they are as beautiful as small.

What makes small beautiful. Small is not just small, it seems that it is of the community and of that scale and is there to serve the community, not controlled by foreign interests somewhere else in the world and not aware of where and what Shorewood is.

Some stockholders of our energy companies that provide our electricity are unaware of where Shorewood is. It may be a forest in England.

If Shorewood could provide its own energy by wind and sun and eliminate the waste it produces within its own closed loop system, then that would be beautiful.

Let's concentrate on the small, on the beautiful, on what is good for our community and what makes it work. Let's support the small that is beautiful, perhaps some "large" here and there, if it works and as long as it is beautiful.   

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