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I find that the artistic element of my mind is at its best in early morning. Saying that there is an artistic element and that it works at all is not saying that the thoughts that it produces are so outstanding.

These thoughts are more of service to me than to anyone else.  My uncontrolled willingness to share them doesn't add to their value either. But never-the-less,  in awakening this morning, I thought, "Black Spring."

Yes, we are entering this season buy why “black?”

Years ago, I learned the one of the reasons that the founder of Schwartz's bookstore opened up downtown was to make available certain books not allowed to enter this country.  One was “Black Spring” by Henry Miller.

At about that time, Mitch, one of my military buddies, returned to our base in Germany after a three-day leave in Paris, one way to kill time while were serving in the army of occupation. This was our military role shortly after the war ended, waiting to accumulate sufficient points so that I could to go home to Nebraska and Mitch to Rhode Island.

He brought me a copy of Black Spring from Paris, the place where Henry Miller, an American did his writing. before the war. Of course, its contents and Henry Miller himself was a topic of conversation for us for weeks. I still have that copy and I still hold Mitch dear in my heart. Those were great learning years together.

So there's a link between Black Spring, years ago in Milwaukee and my youth during those war years in Europe. There is now another link with the closing of Schwartz's book store now in March, here in Shorewood . It's spring.

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