There is something rotten in (where was that)?

Incumbents face no opposition.

By April, three incumbent candidates will regain their seats on the Village Board. And we didn't even know that they had lost their seats.

But who knows how they will regain them? Do they need an election or will they just slide back into their seats?

One might wonder who their constituents might be then, once they regain their seats. Who do they represent? Or do they make whatever  judgements by the seat of their pants? “Seat of their pants” and “seat of office,” aye, there's rub.

So in April there will be more that 50% of the members of the Village Board without any real constituents.  Who are the constiuients when one runs unopposed?

Aye! There's the mystery.

The candidates filled in their application papers. That's all they have to do. Everything else is in the system. And of course, no yard signs necessary. 

Candidates don't have to seek out their own opponents. That's not their job. They're not at fault for what takes place after making application. Now it's the system at work.

If there is any fault, it is of those who consider themselves citizens of Shorewood?  Aren't they the system?

If the citizens of Shorewood cannot figure out who they'd like to represent them, how can they agree that these incumbents should remain in office with or without a contest?  And at this stage, can the voters keep them out?  I don't think so.  But they can be re-confirmed it seems.

Most citizens don't even know the names of the candidates nor how these incumbents voted on any of the issues while in office. Most of us don't care. Only a small percentage of those eligible to vote even vote.

Should the Village Board show some concern about this situation? Or do they approve of things as they are? The citizens don't care. And most of the Board members are incumbents. Again, there's the mystery.


Maybe some of us are missing what the practicalities of the democratic processes and the entitlement of incumbency are.  It seems lke we're missing something. 


Why would there be ten applicants for an appointed seat and no one to run against an incumbent?  That seems an easily answered question.  Is it?


I believe that it was Shakespeare who said, that something is rotten in Denmark. But this isn't Denmark. And why Denmark?


How does one know if there's anything rotten in Denmark or even in Shorewood? Is there a smell test?


Aye! There's the mystery.  And I love mysteries.  I also love Denmark and of course, Shorewood, but does it seem that  there's something rotten. . . . . where?

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