Going out of business?

Social community.

For those who are interested in the intricacies of human nature and the politics of human behavior, February has been a good month to observe the “hyper-individualistic” nature of both community life in Shorewood and that in this great country.

Here in Shorewood property tax base is king.   What we observe nationally is the hyper-individualistic greed of those who live off the exchange excesses of Wall Street.  Paper-packaged bank transactions are also what give reality and sustenance to our economy.  Money things.

Back in Shorewood however, we live in a walkable “community.” We share many things in common, love of library, schools and especially our village book store.

But what we really love and love best is our Pick-n-Save grocery store. Walking out of the SUV or a 1995 Tan Ford into the store and walking back with a cart full of stuff is what makes this a walkable community, at least for most who shop there.

However, there aren't as many SUV's at Pick-n-Save as there at Sendicks on Silver Spring. There, walking from and to the SUV seems sweeter. The frowns of finding a parking space, later on foot, turn into social smiles.

 But carts in the store are still driven with the same aggressiveness as SUVs are driven on the street and on the parking lot. .

Back to Shorewood. Next month will be the end of one of our walking destination in the walkable community. The Village Book Store and Coffee Room will be no more.  Well, we'll still have Pick-n-Save, but walking home with packages is still not all that easy.

Maybe Pick-n-Save will provide us a coffee room? There will still be room for one in the closed-out book store.

What are we going to have there in April?  More dark windows with a “for rent” sign?  No more community gathering place?  But in Spring we can keep on walking.

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