Let's save the bookstore.

Saving village bookstore.

David Tatarowicz has bravely taken the first steps to save our Village Book Store and Coffee Room. This enterprise is still functioning and will be until the end of next month.

We now know that the fixtures and inventory can be purchased and a renewed lease may be available. David has found that out. If we act now, we may be able to keep some of present personnel.

What a great job. And if that isn't enough, Dave has offered to organize the structure that will make it possible to SAVE THE BOOKSTORE.

We know that there are more than 300 people around here willing to support the idea of a CO-OP. All we need to know now, to meet Dave's first condition is the names of 300 people. Let's let him know right away who we are. E-mail him. Time is of the essence. Remember, March 31st is not far away and we have a lot to do.

We need the professionals to help him put it all together. Meanwhile, we can organize our own CO-OP, our dream can become a reality, thanks to David. Let's not let him down after all this work. Read his blog to get all the information.

From “the impossible dream,” because of Dave's persistence it has become the more “probable dream.”

Let's not let this one slip out of our hands. Everyone in Shorewood and nearby area, let's show them what we can do.

Again our thanks and congratulations to David Tatarowicz for getting us this far. Now let's help him get all the way.

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