“Driving not required.”

Traffic in the community.

Yet highway and highway traffic flow through Shorewood, through the middle and on the edge of this otherwise quiet place.

No one seems to see a solution nor take action toward the dream of a creating a walkable community, yielding only to the “progress” of a more efficient, faster car movement.

The convenience of walking from one side of the street to the other is subjugated to the convenience of the car.

Fewer drivers seem to be observing the indicated street crossings and drive through even when pedestrians are in the street on the marked areas.

The dream is the “walkable community” and that “driving is not required” but the reality is that one crosses the street only where indicated and here at one's own risk.

Do the State highway people know of our dream?

If they do, what are they doing about it?  They can't do anything about it.  They only know how to ”keep the traffic moving.” “Pedestrians are the enemy.”

The question is now, what does Shorewood do about it?   Advertising the dream is not enough, it does not make it a reality.

Doing nothing doesn't make it a walkable community unless “walkable” is a code word for something else and what about “driving not required?”

I like the dream, “a walkable community.”  I would like to see it become a reality.  What can we do about it?

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