What is a centralizing place?

Village spirit

For about a decade I've been talking about all the elements of community and those that we have here in Shorewood. These are  beyond the function that our school system presents for our children and parents.

We've also been lucky to have had one of the Schwartz's bookstores located here in Shorewood to add other elements of community and a sense of centrality.

We should all be grateful to the Schwartz family for the contributions that this village place, this social place has made to the community life of Shorewood. .

I'm sure that we all understand that not all good things go on forever and those that do often require great sacrifices.

Now it is our turn, that of the community, to come together and find a way to maintain the centralizing character that has been built and evolved here, in this village bookstore and in the coffee room it contains. Now we must stabilize and renew the spirit it has provided our village.

We are of course, drawn to the community aspects that educating our children present us by the mere existence of our school system. We also understand the importance of a community library. And I believe that we are all aware of a need for a central place where we can come together at will as members of a community in more of a commercial setting.

Now we need to find ways to retain the life of what we have here and that will leave us, if we are not innovative enough to nourish this spirit, right here in the same place.

I think we can to that. Don't you?

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