Village bookstore

Representatives of Roundy's Corporation, as I've come to understand have become quite sensitive to Shorewood's needs as a community and have shown a willingness to work with the village.

It also seems that the managers of Schwartz's Bookstore would also like to be helpful as possible as they dissolve their interest in the bookstore enterprise.

If a small group were to want to takeover and operate this village book store and coffee shop, I'm sure that  both firms would do there best and in the best interest of our village and work toward keeping the bookstore in operation for some more years.

One of the things that needs to be done is to reduce the size of the book store. If 40% to 50% of the rear portion were taken for other purposes, this would allow a smaller store to operate without much reduction in services at lower cost of operation.

I'm sure that Roundy's and/or Walgreen's could make use of the unused portion of the building, even if only for storage, perhaps for a bakery or chocolate factory, although some other business could also gain access to the rear portion as well.

Schwartz's would require only the minimum price for its equipment and inventory, so the acquisition cost would be rather low, further reducing the cost of operation.

It is very likely today that a good manager for this job could be found to carry on with the bookstore operation.   Now what is needed is a village oriented benefactor to purchase the closing store. Whatever co-operation is required, I'm sure would be forthcoming from the village itself. 

I'm certain that everyone involved would work toward this eventual agreement and toward the success of this operation.

Both Roundy's and Walgreen's would also have much to gain in terms of community goodwill and in terms of their future plans for development at their present locations.  I want to keep optimistic about this.

What is needed now is  this philanthropic person or persons or agency that would take over this business. I'm sure there is some innovative person out there.  Why couldn't the coffee making area be expanded a little bit so that an excellent bakery and special chocolates be sold there too? 

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