Village book store.

It seems that Shorewood could immediately purchase what I've begun to refer to as The Village Bookstore and Coffee Room, while we are still able to negotiate with present management and personnel so they might stay on in order to maintain continuity.

This we must do to make sure we don't lose it. Then we could hold it until we could make more permanent arrangements. The manager could report to a small committee for the present time.

We could then see if it is possible to organize a cooperative or perhaps turn it over to a philanthropic group. What we need is the time to work this out.

If the rumor is correct, that the present owners of the bookstore were offered a five-year option, then we have time to keep the operation in tack. Then we'll have time to see what would be done with the Village Bookstore and Coffee Room ultimately. Let's assure our ownership now.

It seems that this is a delicate situation but doable.

So let's begin to talk to owners and management right away and hold the whole thing together.  Who's going to become the leader on this and carry it through on the Village Board?

We need one person to lead and to to act now. I'm sure there's someone who can carry this through.

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