Where are the leaders in this community? Let's wake up and start running.

Acquistion of community bookstore

Does anyone know how to acquire Schwartz's bookstore?

Do the members of the Shorewood BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT think that the closing of another store front in our BUSINESS DISTRICT is a good way to attract people to our shopping area?

The answer is obvious. What are you going to do about this is not so obvious.

It seems that the present owner has sold two of her bookstores as she prepares to get out of business and it seems that there is no reason why she wouldn't sell the one on Oakland.

If it's so important to us, as most people I've talked to think, then why aren't we keeping it in operation? Why isn't BID doing something about it?

There are several ways we can do this. If we could find a benefactor or two to buy it for us that would be great, but.  I'm sure there would be a number of citizens to serve on a board to operate our community bookstore and coffee shop. if the community owned it.

The purchase price probably couldn't be better. Has BID asked how much it would cost? How much? Shouldn't we know that?

If we don't get some answers and move soon, there's going to be a lot of embarrassment to spread around. Where are the leaders in this community?

Isn't it in the BUSINESS IMPROVMENT DISTRICT'S best interest to get all the facts and then take some action? Where is everybody on this one. Are we still waiting for the "vision"?  Let's wake up and start running.

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