We've only a month to go.

A village bookstore

If the Village Board can assure us that the building housing Schwartz's bookstore will remain there indefinitely and not be included in their redevelopment plans,

then a group can be organized to form a cooperative to manage it as Dave Tartarowicz has appropriately suggested.

Beyond that we need the Village Board to announce its interest in maintaining the present social/commercial function of the bookstore on this site. The Business Improvement District's blessings would also be helpful. None of this to this point costs a penny.

This would make it possible to form the group that will take over the present bookstore's ongoing operation in its present performing function. We would require a long term commitment by present owners of the building in the community interest.

At this point, we have everything there ready to go, if we can get immediate assurances from the Village Board. Can we as a community manage this? If we are determined we can do it. Let's see if we have the grit.

We need the people of the community who are already interested to indicate that interest in both the project and in becoming members of a cooperative.

Everyone with contributing ideas is encouraged to announce them so that we can create a significant and unique central village function here.

Let's not let this slip away from us. We have only a month to go and the Village Board must urgently take the first step.   I think you guys can do it. Thanks Dave, let's see if we can get this to go.

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