Are our Village “leaders”at the bottom of this?

Community center.

I'm assuming that the whole block on Oakland where Walgreen's, Schwartz's bookstore and Pick-N-Save are located is being considered for redevelopment under the Shorewood Community Development plans.

Two other Schwartz's bookstores in other communities are being acquired by their present managers. But I guess it would be difficult to get the most optimistic of entrepreneurs to invest in the one on Oakland, especially if Shorewood is considering the placement of a new Pick-N-Save at that location on that same site.

I don't know if many citizens have seen the plans for this block, but if the rumors are anywhere near accurate, it is believed that a new building to house Pick-N-Save is going to be located where Schwartz's book store is presently located.

If that's the case, then the Village of Shorewood is contributing to Schwartz's decision to close this one down or at least preventing an entrepreneur from giving serious consideration to its future operation.

If as has also be rumored that Schwartz's could have picked up an option for another five years this would give us five years to experiment, as it seems that the present owner is willing to sell it.

Someone” at Village Hall should fairly soon explain what the situation is as it seems that the Village is very much involved. That “someone” might be the President of the Village Board or the Village Manager.

We might discover that the Village instead of being helpful may even be an obstacle to some innovative enterpriser who would otherwise want to purchase Schwartz's.

Yet at the same time the Village is trying to attract business to the community.  It seems then that the Village has some obligation in  keeping the bookstore in operation.

A number have stopped me on the street and in the grocery store and some have by e-mail indicated their support of my position that we keep this social community element in operation.

One indicated that “it can almost pay for itself and in the long run may do so. But for the time being, let's keep it in operation.”

What do incumbent trustees “running” for office say about keeping this social entity in our community? Can we hear what our leaders are thinking?

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