Leadership. What's that?

Community development leadership.

Who at Village Hall can say, yes, we shall save Schwartz's bookstore or no, we've decided to do nothing about it?

What about the incumbents, where do you stand? Let's hear from you.

There's no denying that the bookstore is more than a book store here in Shorewood, playing an important central village function in our business district today, that it attracts people to itself as a center on a daily basis.

This bookstore serves a function different than that of the big box grocery store or of the large consolidated banks and is more representative of us, those of us wanting to live here in a small scale neighborhood-like community rather than in the large scale city or go shopping in the large scale shopping center .

Even though the owner has decided to remove herself from the ownership of bookstores for whatever reason and regardless of the economy, this place has evolved as part of our community and functions on the small scale centrality of  what we are here in Shorewood.

To those involved in social development as well as the physical development of Shorewood, this is crucial to the maintenance of this area, as the business district. that needs to provide a setting for other small businesses.

Will anyone in the administration of Village business, on the Business Improvement District, on the Community Development Authority or on the Village Board deny the importance of such a people attracting place and the social activity function that Schwartz”s has become?

I assume no one will deny this fact. If this is deniable, let's hear from you. 

If its centrality is clearly defined then will anyone show some leadership and do something about it? Let's hear from you too, those who will prove that you can lead us.  Citizens are awaiting their leaders' voices. 

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