Let's do something and do it now.

Central location

Schwartz's Bookstore is so important because of the centralizing function it performs at this particular LOCATION in our village.

It is a central point of attraction in our business area here in Shorewood. And it can hardly be duplicated by any other imaginable and feasible enterprise in the near future. In a sense it reflects who we are and  it reflects our village culture.

It is for this reason that it requires special attention. One of the best things that the Business Improvement District could do as an entity is to find some group that would operate this as a non-profit venture, perhaps BID itself could undertake this as this is so important to the future business development of this area.

I've indicated that the Village of Shorewood could take a holding action while business and village agencies find time to move around.  Ideally we need a philanthropic institution as I've suggested earlier.

As there seems to be some involvement by the Village in the redevelopment of this block, they should take notice and make sure that the bookstore remains there in whatever their redevelopment plans might be.

The plan should be that the bookstore be operated at its present location in the same manner as today but by an independent philanthropic or non-profit group, so that we do not forfeit the centralizing function that has been created there, where we are developing and trying to do just that.

It's already there. How can we replace it? If we let this go then BID and CDA might just as well close up shop for the next decade.

I believe very strongly that the Village of Shorewood, BID and CDA should see to it that we do not lose this very precious community development asset. I can't see how we can replace it.

Let's do something, and I include myself in this and let's do it now. Let's show what we are made of here in Shorewood.

Let's not let this one slip through our fingers!

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