Do we have a need for an “honorable opposition?”

Honorable opposition at the local level.

Honorable opposition” means those elected members of the minority party. I'm not a member nor even elected, but I'll have to function in the role of opposition so that we don't lose complete interest in our local government.

This year we'll have the same members on Shorewood's Village Board as we had at the end of last year. We have two members' terms expiring next year.

Therefore, as of today, even though the so-called “election” comes next month, we already know that we'll have the same 7 members and same unopposed president of the Board. We don't even have a month of speculation as to possible change in membership.

So everything remains the same. We'll not have any “correction in the direction of government,”  as Thomas Jefferson would have desired.   

Two members' terms expire next year and if they don't have any opposition, we'll have more of the same. Even if one or even two were to lose their seats, we'd still have 5 out of seven remaining out of “the old consensus team.”

So there you have it. These are the facts, no “correction in the direction of government” during this time. So I must steel up as we must make room at least to influence “direction change” in these years.

I hope that David Tatarowicz will also remain as analyst, reporter and commentator as we'll certainly need his comments. But I know that we'll at least find one or both of us serving in the role of the “honorable” opposition.

Board members are generally not inspired by one citizen's views, but who ever is interested in considering some “correction in direction,” I hope that my expressions and Dave's will not be the only ones. So let's get some more to join Dave and me. We want to maintain some balance by having another side.

Let's form a larger informal “honorable opposition,” as it seems, opposing views can only be attained now, primarily through our Shorewoodnow bloggers' commentary. We need more of you.


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