The mind, a private place.

The private mind.

Shorewood—my own private place.

But human beings are communal, Acting together.

Yet the mind, A very private place.

It hardly ever flings open its doors.

One is inside and Alone there.

Words cannot

By themselves Open the doors,

Nor describe their Thoughts.

I live in a Physical place,  In Shorewood.

At a place, where there is no one in my Horizontal View for over 190 degrees.

This is Shorewood, my private space.

From this position, only the curvature of the earth for the distance of my Peripheral Vision.

Behind me, the movement of community and Motorized motion.

This is Shorewood too, with children Walking to school,

Privately enclosed in their own Minds, with scarves around their necks, yet on public display.

Shorewood at its Heart is

a Book store,

a Drug store and

a Grocery store.

This is its Public forum,  Otherwise a Private Place.

Children are developing thoughts in their Minds, within Graying buildings.

Thoughts that will never be Revealed to anyone,

Perhaps never Again to themselves.

A mind is Also a Private storage Space.

It may sometimes be Slightly viewed from Outside, but not for Much nor for Long

Shorewood too, a Private Place.

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