. . . in political trouble if this had come up as a real suggestion.

Shorter transition period.

I was sitting in Shorewood's imaginary town square on an imaginary bench, of course with my imaginary friend and my imaginary dog at my side.

So far, I'm the only one who's not imaginary, because I'm doing all the imagining. But what happens if I too become imaginary? A subject for discussion at another time.

But for the time being, my friend and I were talking. My friend's name is Adam. Adam said, “we should have reduced the presidential transition time period to about a week or ten days after the election, especially during these crucial times in history.”

How could we do that,” I said.

I don't know but we should have. But now we've had a ceremonial president for over a month and he shall remain ceremonial,” Adam said.

There's no constitutional way to do this and besides we are an over-legalist society when it comes to constitutional matters”

Yes, but there is a way. President Bush could have set a precedent during these crucial times. He could have called in President-elect Obama and told him how this could be done and after an agreement go ahead and do it,” Adam said.

You must have been thinking of this for awhile, how would you have done it?”

About a week or ten days after the election, the Vice-President would announce his resignation, and President Bush would appoint Obama to succeed him, then Bush would resign and Obama would become President..

And with an announcement of the cabinet members, we'd have a new administration,” Adam said with a certain finality.

I asked, “do you think the the people would have accepted that?”

Why not? They voted for him. And we've been in need of a real president and not a ceremonial one all of this time,” Adam responded.

Well, I'm glad that all of this stuff is imaginary, otherwise I think we might be in some real political trouble if this had come up as a real suggestion.

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