At the Shorewood Village Square.

Village squares

Economics and the architectural character of cities, with political philosophy as an accompanying sideline have been at the heart of my intellectual and professional life.

Perhaps now, in the village square of Shorewood, I should sit here on one of the benches, contemplating past and future and waiting for a friend to pass by, and perhaps he may join me and we could turn to more village square matters, that is if I can find the village square. There I go again.

Let's assume there is a place where I can do this in Shorewood. Sometime ago, I acquired a list of some cities where one could sit in the town square, even in the winter.

Some years back, I found underground squares in a couple of cities in Canada. They were well-lit by sky lights and with electrical lighting as well. One could sit at benches and talk with friends, even though it was cold and snowing at street level above.

So, I'm going to imagine that we have one of those village squares here in Shorewood. And here is a bench where I can get a good view of what is going on and here I shall sit.

Along comes a coffee cart and someone to sell me coffee and rolls. Fine. Now I have a reason to sit here. I'm drinking coffee. Here comes a friend. Join me.

Yes, he says, I've come to do some shopping but stores won't open for a little while and we can talk.

Perhaps we can meet for lunch later over there at the sidewalk cafe across the square. That sounds pretty good.

 What have you been doing since you retired? 

 Well, that's the way it is at first, but before long, it won't be that you haven't too much to do. Once you adjust, you'll find that time goes too fast to do all the things you really want to do.

Now that the shops are open, more people are coming onto the square. I've got a few things to do, so now I shall be on my way. I'm coming back later for lunch with my friend.

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