Can one be reasonable and unreasonable at the same time?


Someone, wiser than I am, pointed out that I've been making a terribly huge mistake for the past number of years.

And now I have to admit to it.

The mistake, as has been pointed out, is that I have expected politicians to behave with a certain amount of reasonableness.

This person impressed on me that the higher a politician is or the more power he/she has, the less reasonable that person is going to be in making political decisions.

Therefore, in expecting politicians to be reasonable, I have been the most unreasonable of all. Now imagine, I have to live with that.

At least at the local level, if this is the case, I've be less unreasonable because local politicians are expected to be less unreasonable, but unreasonable never-the-less.

So I suppose it is unreasonable of me to try to speak reasonably with unreasonable people, especially as I am one of those unreasonables. Well, where do we go from here?

If I didn't try to speak reasonably then it would be a reasonable thing to do. How does one set out to be unreasonable in order to be reasonable?

Can one be reasonable and unreasonable at the same time? “Aye, there's rub.”

What a situation. The best thing is to become a politician who can't be reasonable and then all of use being unreasonable together would at least appear reasonable. But in reality. . . . ?

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