Everyone knows what me and my dog get.

Local community responsibilities.

A few hours ago I removed the snow on the sidewalk in front of my property and cleared it down to the pavement.

About half an hour ago, Shorewood's snow plowers replaced more snow and gunk on the sidewalk than I blew away An area between the sidewalk and the curb now contains snow about four to five-foot high.

My sidewalk which had about 6 inches of lovely white snow that had fallen has now in some places snow and gunk about two feet high. What happened? The Village blew the snow and gunk from the street onto the sidewalk Maybe that's where the Village wants it. .

I'm responsible for the snow that falls from heaven but not the gunk that Shorewood plows onto the sidewalk. Shorewood does this for the State, because the State gives Shorewood a rebate for keeping two lanes open, both ways on Lake Drive. They should now remove the gunk.

What about my rebate. I'm not going back to clear the gunk off the sidewalk. Let Shorewood or the State do it, They put it there.

They want a car in-movement community not a “walkable community.”  They also want the rebate.  What about me?  What do I get?  Everyone knows what me and my dog get. 

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