Snow country.

Snow removal

Congratulations to David Tatarowicz, you got through to Shorewood Village Hall.

They finally let the Department of Public Works do the practical thing. DPW understands that the removal of the snow in the business district is the solution, not moving snow aside.

The plowing technique works on the the highways, where they've made room on the side of the road. And after a number of passages, they have pushed all the snow off the pavement, where it is to be stored until it melts.

In urbanized areas the clearing of the pavement requires carrying the snow to storage places away from the central activity areas.

Snow plowing gives preference to car movement. In our business district in Shorewood, what is required is space for car parking and the movement of shoppers on accessible and cleared sidewalks.

If we are going to devote a lot of time, money and effort in upgrading our business district, then we must be prepared for removing snow properly so that people can shop there.

That's what a business district is for. It's not only to move the cars through so they can go to another community and shop.

If we want to improve our commercial district so we can improve the tax base, then we must be prepared to pay the price and keep a shopping environment, cleared of snow.

David Tatarowicz has been making a great effort in this direction and Village Hall seems to have got the message.

Let's remember what Dave is calling for and let's improve our methods for keeping the functional side of our business district a place for shopping. We live in snow country and we must deal with it.

Thanks to you Dave and to the people of Shorewood's Department of Public Works. Let's hope for a happy season and for good business returns to our commercial friends.

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