Why shouldn't we commit ourselves to becoming an energy independent community?

Community energy independence.

It has become quite apparent to me that Shorewood can become the model suburb when it comes to supplying our own energy.

To do this we should make our principle goal that of becoming an energy independent community. I believe that we could within a decade become 80 to 90 percent energy-self-sustaining, providing for most of our energy needs.

We are now in a period when our national government will support innovations of this type and we should be prepared to take advantage of this socio-political atmosphere and possible Federal funding.

Wind power was once quite important to our small farms in this country for pumping water and for providing a minimum supply of electricity.

Today, we have advanced methods for making use of the wind to generate electricity.

Just as we are involved in improving electrical batteries for electrical storage, we are also advancing in the improvement of solar energy collection cells.

Thin-filmed light weight cells have been developed and are being improved to provide more personalized electric current producing devices.

Therefore, the distributing of the energy collection points will also progress and we should be there as these new developments take place.

And we should also be on the ground and involved in the progress leading to local community energy independence.

This is realistically enough so that Shorewood could establish a commission or agency that will investigate the manner by which we can develop methods for small communities and for Shorewood especially to become energy independent.

Meanwhile, it seems wise that we commit ourselves to a goal for becoming energy independent.

I'd like to hear from any Shorewood trustee as to why we shouldn't do this and do it now.

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